Donald Lee Ravey - 22 July 1929 - 22 August 2014
Ham Radio

Often known as Ham Radio, it's officially the Amateur Radio Service, licensed by the FCC.
I got my license as W6DBZ in 1947.

Here are some links to popular Ham Radio sites:
  American Radio Relay League (ARRL)
  Ham Radio Online Magazine
  Univ. of Arkansas Callsign Lookup
  Society of Ether Explorers
  QSL NET   Free Ham software, Free home pages for Hams

Here are links to some of my Ham Radio friends:
WA6HTP Juan Rivera
WB6RFU Phil Lerza
WC6O Gerry Sikora
WB9LOZ Larry Kenney's Packet Pages
WA6DNR Alan Bowker
W6EXT Paul Simon
W6DYL Darrell Flaming

Now, the rest of you guys with web pages, send me the URLs so I can list them!