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Last updated September 10, 2013

Reference Databases
1940 Census Data Scans of original census enumeration sheets, with more information than earlier census sheets collected, such as income, education, etc. At this time, indexes by last name are only available for a very few states, so you must know the address where a person lived in the Spring of 1940 in order to find their records.
Medieval Soldiers Database A Muster Roll database of 90,000 British service records for the years 1369 - 1453; a Protection database; and a Garrison database.
DATA.GOV The mother of all database collections! Still in development by the U.S. government
MAPlight Money And Politics - database of legislators' voting records coupled to who contributed money to them in the same time frame
Nationmaster Statistics and facts about the nations of the world
Statemaster Statistics and facts about the states of the U.S.A.
Zillow U.S. Real Estate estimated prices and recent sales on a zoomable map. Look up your own property value!
NEPIS The EPA's own National Environmental Publications Information Service - Quick search for government publications on environmental concerns
4-1-1 Telephone Number Information - persons, businesses, reverse number lookup
San Francisco Newspaper articles Search Chronicle and Examiner archives for articles
USPS Address & Zip Code Directory Lookup correct ZIP+4 Codes
Movies Database Lookup any movie by title, stars, year ... plot summaries, etc.
Baby Name Wizard Lookup popularity of baby names by year
Internet Top
The First Web Page This is the document that started it all! It was the very first website, established by CERN in 1991.
Internet Speed Test Test the actual downstream and upstream speed of your Internet connection
  Urban Legends
Check out Internet hoaxes, bogus virus warnings, etc.
W3 Schools Programmer's references and tutorials for all web languages and technologies
W3C HTML Validator Official online syntax validator for HTML documents
Librarian's Internet Index Librarian's Index to the Internet
Zamzar file conversion Free online file format conversions - documents, images, audio, video, compressed files
The Way Back Machine After web pages have been changed or even deleted, you may be able to view them here!
Free Internet WiFi Hotspots Forbes Magazine search engine maps free WiFi Internet access points in the U.S.A.
Spam Cop A good resource with regard to Spam
Quadzilla One-stop Web development site
Learn the Net Multilingual Intro to the Internet
Search Engine Watch Guide to Search Engines
World Community Grid Lend the power of your computer to a massive distributed computing project
ISP Planet Insider info on Internet Service Providers
WDVL Web Developers' Virtual Library - a must if you build web sites
Web Techniques Good for learning about web pages Central starting point to search for software on the web
TUCOWS The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software
Pretty Good Privacy (PHP) If you're concerned about maintaining electronic privacy ...
ZD Net Computer Shopper Read reviews of computer products
News & Financial Top
Gas Prices Enter your Zip Code and see a map of stations with lowest, highest and in-between gas prices!
Better World Club An Auto Club that advocates for the environment and conservation!
News Trust Current news stories from many sources, rated by members for journalistic quality
US Inflation Conversion Factors & Graphs Graphs and comparisons of prices, salaries, and more, from 1800 to 2010
California State Controller's Office Could you have an unclaimed inheritance you don't know about?
Identity Theft Information on the new age crime of identity theft
On24 Financial Customizable audio daily investment news
Consumer Affairs Check up on merchants, even the U S Postal Service
U.S. Savings Bonds All you need to know about EE and other U.S. Savings Bonds
Quotesmith Insurance quotes - auto, life, health, from 200 companies
The Street Stock Market News
I. R. S. Taxes! Official IRS site
PointCast The PointCast Network brings you targeted news
SF Chronicle & Examiner Local news
NextCard Visa Apply online for Internet credit card
Investor SuperSite Maintain your own portfolio and customized stock ticker tape
Quicken Financial Network Personalize your stock quotes, links to a lot of resources
Universal Currency Converter Foreign currency exchange rates
The Motley Fool Finance & Folly For computer industry news, especially
Travel Top
About Travel General approach to deciding where to go and what to do
Flight Tracking Real-time map display of commercial flights
FAA Realtime Airport Delays Air Traffic Control real time delay status information
Fodor's Excellent general travel site, including public discussions
Frommer's Another excellent general travel site
Lonely Planet Travel Blog, Travelcast, Blue List
Rough Guide British, less commercial approach to world travel Resorts, destinations, travel ideas, lists and polls
CitySearch Information about domestic and foreign cities
Orbitz Get airline fares and schedules, even book your own tickets
Travelocity Another option for airlines, hotels, car rentals
Trip Advisor Yet another good travel site Specializing in hotels and other lodging, worldwide
IHEN International Home Exchange - find someone where you want to visit who wants to visit where you live
ASE Accommodation Search Engine - find hotels, bed&breakfasts, train schedules
InnSite Inns, B&Bs, worldwide and USA
Amtrak Travel America by Amtrak! Timetables, fares, etc.
The Virtual Tourist Travel anywhere free! Virtually, that is. Read members' recommendations
Spectacular Virtual Tours Take virtual tours through the famous Louvre, Versailles Palace, et al
Hermitage Museum Take a virtual tour through the famous Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia
Virtual Tours Indeed, take virtual tours of over 300 museums, exhibits, Alcatraz and more!
Weather Comprehensive national & local weather
Elderhostel Travel adventures tailored for those over 55
Babelfish Translate sentences into (or from) foreign languages
Cheat Sheet for Travellers Print out a handy currency converter pocket guide for your destination
MapQuest Custom maps
MapsOnUs Maps, Trip Routing, Weather, Yellow Pages
California DOT Official California road information
Miscellaneous Top
Wunderground Weather Information and Webcams around the world Comprehensive place to waste time, but hilarious
Strange Architecture Stunning photos of fanciful buildings throughout the world
Power of Mental Frames Interesting demonstration of the power of suggestion
Truth-O-Meter Unbiased analysis of campaign statements of both parties
Infoplease Lots of info on virtually everything! Enter your birth year and see what happened that year.
The Ascent of Alex Honnold The most extreme rock climbing I've ever seen!
Actually, Guns Do Kill People The Brady Campaign To Reduce Gun Violence
Citizendium A wiki site that aims for credibility and quality, not just quantity
BMI Calculator Body Mass Index - calculate your BMI
The Longevity Game Answer a few questions and predict how long you will live
The Virtual Library Reference site established by the inventor of the WWW
Computer History Museum The largest collection of computer artifacts in the world
MIT World MIT's open access to important lectures - streaming video
Colorgenics Psychological analysis by selecting colors -- fun!
Mayo Clinic Health Resource for health questions
The Thinker Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
National Consumer's League Source for information on consumer fraud, etc.
National Fraud Information Center More good information about online cons and scams
S.E.C. Securities & Exchange Commission, the Government's own site for information on investment fraud
CAGW Citizens Against Government Waste - check out the PORK!
USGS Earthquake/seismological information - Hey, this is California!
IRIS Monitor worldwide seismic activity in near real time
Alice Alice, the talking chat bot
SkyTran Futuristic urban transport project
Ancient Maps Univ. of Georgia rare maps collection
National Atlas View or buy maps from USGS
Direct Marketing Association Have your address/phone/email removed from direct marketing lists
America's Most Wanted The Fox TV network show's home site
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Listen to the BBC's series based on Doug Adams' book
Builder's Web Source Good info for home improvement projects
The Earth and its Light NASA's composite image of the Earth showing centers of population
Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections Facts about U.S. Presidential Elections (by state, by county, graphs)
IIS real-time tracking Check when the International Space Station will be visible in your location
Satellites Tracker Everything you wanted to know about man-made satellites in space
Science, Optics & You From the outer reaches of space to the inner structure of matter, by powers of 10
Earth and Moon Viewer Many options to view current day/night line, current worldwide weather
USNO Time The U.S. Naval Observatory - set your computer time precisely
SETI@home Join the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence!
Technology and Culture MIT's forum on technology, ethics, culture
Dictionary Words and Topics
Bartlett's Bartlett's Familiar Quotations
Drinking Songs Toasts, Bawdy Songs and other amusements
The Discovery Channel Science, nature, etc.
National Geographic The National Geographic Online
The Exploratorium Science, nature, etc., San Francisco style
Epicurious FOOD! Recipes, Restaurants & more
Zagat Survey Zagat's famous restaurant reviews
Southern Music Co. Source for sheet music of every kind
VR Panoramas Spectacular Virtual Reality interactive panoramas
Physics Visualizations Flash animations of physics, from Univ. of Toronto
Third Age A Resource for folks over 50