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WEB LOG of my visit to Malta
Don Ravey - February/March 2004


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Gozo ferry Cirkewwa ferry Comino Mgarr harbor Victoria

Monday, 1 March - Ute returned yesterday to a snowy Saarbrücken, Germany. We had a wonderful trip to the island of Gozo on Saturday. Photos above are the Gozo ferry; a panorama from the ferry departing Cirkewwa (Malta); the island of Comino; approaching Gozo; and Victoria, the capital of Gozo, from The Citadel. I will spend the next day or so organizing and processing all the photos I took on Friday and Saturday, for my travel web pages.

Cloudy skies Waves Waves Waves

Wednesday, 3 March - Last night and this morning the winds have been ferocious! The temperature is not terribly cold but with these winds, I won't venture outside. The bay is churning and waves are crashing over the fishing piers and embarcadero across the bay in Xemxija.

Yesterday I took photos of business signs in Mosta and made them into this montage.

Saturday, 6 March - No pictures to add today. Wednesday and Thursday the storm prevented any picture taking (other than waves crashing on the pier) and yesterday was major laundry day. This morning is overcast, but warm with a chance of rain. I hired a taxi to take me to Burmarrad where I could exchange my empty gas cylinders for filled ones. The normal method is to place the empty outside the house on the day when the truck comes to your street, but my space heater cylinder was completely empty and the one for the oven was nearly empty and it would be at least a week before the truck comes by here. Fortunately, every Saturday the truck is available from 9 to 12 in Burmarrad, just a few miles from St. Paul's Bay. The taxi cost more than the two refills, but now I should be set for the rest of my stay.

Sidewalk in Marsaxxlokk Mr. Fitz Pizzeria Police Station
Boats in Marsaxxlokk harbor Boats in Marsaxxlokk harbor Marsaxxlokk market Marsaxxlokk market Marsaxxlokk market

Sunday, 7 March - The weather was nearly ideal for touring. I took the direct bus (meaning that it bypasses Valletta) to Marsaxlokk, on the Southeast coast, where the Sunday Market was in full swing! Notice the Marsaxlokk Police Station in the first row of photos; doesn't look like this is a very wild town! Marsaxlokk is a fishing village with many colorful Luzzi boats. In the last photo, I was looking at shoes at one stall and thought I saw some slippers out of the corner of my eye--wrong!--it was fish!

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