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WEB LOG of my visit to Malta
Don Ravey - February/March 2004


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Don at Grand Harbour, Valletta Archway Horse carriage Valletta hill

Monday, 16 February - On an overcast, but warm day, I returned to visit Valletta. Here I am with Grand Harbour behind me, then some scenes in Valletta. Does the terrain of the last photo remind you of the hills in San Francisco? Valletta is easy to like, except that it's really crowded with tourists. Vehicle traffic seems to be limited to certain streets, so some of these narrow streets are left exclusively to pedestrians.

Bugibba sunset Bugibba shops St. Paul's Shipwrecked church Bocci pitch in Bugibba

Tuesday, 17 February - Today was brisk, but clear. I walked through town to the resort town of Bugibba. It's quite a busy place, with stunning views, the St. Paul Shipwrecked church, and a bocci court (they call it a bocci pitch here, and it's played a bit differently, but it is quite recognizable). There are more shops here than in St. Paul's Bay, and some appear to be rather upscale, yet more touristy.

Mdina, through the bus window Mdina gate Me in the stock! Sliema waterfront Sliema harbour panorama

Thursday, 19 February - I could easily believe that today is the first day of Spring in Malta! I took the northern route VisitMalta bus and spent some time in Mdina (The Silent City), first seen here from the bus window, then the Gate to Mdina, a medieval walled city. Next you will see that I got into some trouble in this town! Later, I enjoyed the lively resort town of Sliema and its lovely harbor with tourist cruise ships.

St. Paul's Bay at night Carneval Children in Carneval costumes Band organ

Saturday, 21 February - Yes, last night and this morning have been encouragingly mild, although with a high fog, as we'd say in California. I'm looking forward to much more comfortable weather. I'm also looking forward to seeing my friend Ute, who flies in from Germany tomorrow evening.

I was pleased with how much detail I could tease out of the digital image of the night scene from my balcony.

AH! but then when I took another trip to Valletta today, without knowing that it was a big holiday, I was enchanted with their Carneval celebration! The children are all dressed in costume, there are floats and clowns and a band organ and a big celebration in an arena. I really lucked out! It will take me a day or so to get many of the photos onto my travel web page.

I also visited the WW II War Museum at Fort St. Elmo today.

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