Donald Lee Ravey - 22 July 1929 - 22 August 2014

I enjoy listening to nearly all kinds of music, and I play most keyboard instruments, beginning with piano when I was 7 years old, and continuing with electronic organs (occasionally Theatre pipe organs, when I get the chance!), electronic keyboards and, most recently, an english concertina.

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Kevin King's Wurlitzer, Walnut Creek, 2013
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At the Center Theatre console, Berkeley Community Theatre NorCal ATOS, 2001: At the Toledo Paramount console, Berkeley Community Theatre NorCal ATOS, 2001:
Kevin King's Wurlitzer in Walnut Creek RCC console Rialto console
My new Allen Renaissance R-311, 2001: With my concertina at my Rodgers Trio, 1990's: At the Avenue Theatre on San Bruno Avenue, late '60s:
Allen R-311 Rodgers Trio Avenue Theatre
Close-up of my english concertina:

Click here to see photos of my Open House and Allen Theatre Organ "debut" on December 2, 2001

Click on the notes below to listen to streaming audio of me playing my Allen Theatre Organ
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Click here to see video of Russian folk songs, sung at the birthday party of my friend Lamont in October 2008.

To hear a little ragtime music, click the Play button:
Here is my own composition, Baggage Beguine:
(the opening 7 melody notes are B A G G A G E)

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