Sierra Chapter and Nor-Cal Chapter, ATOS
Picnic in Shingle Springs, California - June 11, 2006

At the home of our gracious hosts, Pete and Diane McCluer

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Host Pete McCluer talks with guests

Gee, Dad, it's a Wurlitzer!
-photo by Bert Atwood

Dave Moreno, who worked with Pete on this organ

Tom Thompson played the "walking in" music for us

A better look at the exposed traps and percussions

Nor-Cal and Sierra Chapter members enjoy conversation before Open Console

Tom plays as we see the chimes and other percussions on the wall

Several Nor-Cal members, incl. Gordon Pratt, standing (near the food table!)

A close-up of the magnificent console

I had to have a picture that included me! Thanks, Don Siefert

Pete told us about his 3/17 Wurlitzer - 4 more ranks than last year!

He also set the rules for Open Console

Inside the (left) Main chamber

Inside the Main chamber

Inside the Main chamber

Ray Taylor, Pete McCluer and Bill Schlotter in the Main chamber

Ray Taylor and Pete McCluer in the Main chamber

Inside the Solo (right) chamber

Exposed traps

Exposed marimba