Donald Lee Ravey - 22 July 1929 - 22 August 2014
Don's Travels

Since 1984, when I made my first trip to Europe, I have tried to spend 2 or 3 weeks traveling every year or two. Because of my heritage, I suppose, my greatest interest lies in Europe, but I would also love to travel in my own country, Central and South America, Canada, Asia and Australia/New Zealand. The trouble is, I could never possibly afford to do all of that!

I love to take photos on my trips, because much of the pleasure I derive from traveling comes when I review my photo collection, and especially when I share it with someone who is interested.

So, here are photos from each of my vacations over the past 20 years -- I hope you enjoy them! There's a lot of them, so some of the pages may take a little while to load.

(in reverse chronological order)

Feb.March 2004   Malta
April 2003   Loire Valley, France
May/June 2000   Eastern Europe and the Passion Play in Oberammergau
June 1998   Russia and Sweden
June 1996   Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and England
Dec. 1994/Jan. 1995   Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, Morocco
August 1992   Greece, Crete, Egypt, Turkey, Israel and Greek islands
Sept./Oct. 1990   Oktoberfest in Munich + Venice and Innsbrück
June/July 1989   England, Wales, Rome, Florence, Capri
May/June 1985   Paris, Lausanne, Geneva, Amsterdam, Copenhagen
June 1984   Rhine river, Amsterdam, Interlaken