Donald Lee Ravey - 22 July 1929 - 22 August 2014

San Diego

January 2000

I was invited down to the San Diego area to join the family gathering of my friends from High School and College days, the Steiners. Fred Steiner and I were classmates and we have maintained our friendship through the years.

It was a weekend in early January, 2000 and I decided to drive down the 400+ miles. Here are several scenes from a rest stop near Oceanside (1) and in La Jolla, at Bird Rock (2 & 3), where I stayed over the weekend.

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Oceanside So. Calif. Coastline Bird Rock, La Jolla,Calif.
The drive (down I-5, return US 101) was enjoyable, and notable for the fact that I did not see even one traffic accident!    In summary, San Diego was 10F warmer and gasoline was 10 cents cheaper than in the S.F. Bay Area. I observed more RV's trailing passenger cars on the way down than I ever thought existed!
Below you see "the Steiners Plus Two" - from the left are me, Don Thomas, Nancy, Bob, Fred and Dick. The gathering took place in the lovely new home of Fred's son, Rick Steiner, in Del Mar. Here was the breakfast table at Bob's house in Chula Vista the next morning. Dick is carving the ham. Nancy's husband, Mike, is in the foreground as other family members also partake.
Steiners + 2 Breakfast
Bob is building an H1 gauge "garden railroad" in his back yard. When completed, it will boast several trains, hundreds of feet of track, a roundhouse inside his garage and its own lake! That's Bob, the proud railroad mogul, in the last photo.