May/June, 1984 - Amsterdam, The Rhein and Interlaken, Switzerland
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Amsterdam is a fascinating city - here autos, trams, bicycles, pedestrians and even a mounted policeman share the narrow street. Amsterdam steeet Leidsestraat is one of the main downtown streets in Amsterdam. Leidsestraat
Deft cloister Delft is the home of Holland's porcelain industry. Here I am in the cloisters of what was once a monastery, now a porcelain factory. The Hague The International Peace Palace in
Den Haag (The Hague).
Cologne, Germany was devastated by allied bombing in WW II, but has been rebuilt, including the famous Cathedral. Cologne Cathedral Strasbourg, France. I don't know why I was standing so rigidly. Strasbourg, France
Cochem Along the Rhein River, medieval castles are commonplace. Here the river boat paused at the town of Cochem for lunch. Castle of Chillon The castle known as Chateau de Chillon on Lake Geneva, Switzerland is famous as the place where Lord Byron was imprisoned in the early 19th century. His poem, Prisoner of Chillon can be read at the University of Toronto Library.